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AN URARTIAN BRONZE HELMET CIRCA FIRST HALF OF THE 8TH CENTURY B.C. Formed of hammered sheet, conical in form, tapering to a tall point, the front with a lightning symbol in relief, extending up in a tapering central rib, three horizontal encircling ridges below, with a row of perforations along the edge for attachment of the lining 12 3/8 in. (31.4 cm.) high


Visit for EZ Dip Gel Powder. It is so easy to DIY! No lamps needed, lasts 2-3 weeks!


[TOP]Comfy In Cashmere Mat light mauve with purple iridescent shimmer. Thick and a little sticky, but with two coats they do cover decently. I also like that they don’t highlight my nail ridges a ton. I like this one matte okay, but with a top coat it’s much better! [BOTTOM] Coat Couture is a deep purple/grey with blue shimmer. Gorgeous shade, I really like this one matte. The same formula issues occurred with this one. It’s not great but not impossible to work with. This was two coats.

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The Best Back-To-School Nail Art

This MAY be the coolest idea ever—transforming your tips into pencil erasers! It's super simple if you have these three colors handy and totally on point. Rachel over at Pretty Polishes even posted a tutorial so now you REALLY have no excuse for not lookin' sharp this school year. (Yes, we are very aware that the puns are out of control in this paragraph.)


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Eyeliner & Egypt: It's been used since 10,000BC. Its power to protect a person from the evil eye and also from the scorching desert sun reveals a practical as well as cosmetic purpose. Eyeliner’s current popularity is owed to the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in the 1920s which lead to the rise of the almighty panda eye.


A Roman iridescent colourless glass cage cup, the Constable-Maxwell Cage-Cup, circa A.D. 300 ; blown or cast in colourless glass, wheel-cut, ground and polished, the hemispherical body with a rounded base and curved, out-splayed rim, the decoration comprises a faint horizontal ridge below the rim and above a collar consisting of a projecting openwork flange with 103 perforations separated by darts

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17 photos of mermaid hair that will make you reach for the hair dye

Now Blac Chyna’s gone and dyed her hair ‘aqua berry’ (a fancy name for teal at the top and sea green through the ends) mermaid hair in blue tones is officially a trend. These photos will totally make you want to grab the bottle and turn your hair into colourful waves.