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Gray Destiny the 3D horror escape game coming in 2017

Gray Destiny the 3D horror escape game coming in 2017 -, #3D, #FirstPerson, #Game, #Horror, #Mac, #Pc, #Visualpath

Horror Escape Game Review "I came across this game by the name of Horror Escape where you have to solve puzzles by finding clues. There are many other apps which follow the same style of hiding clues and then the user has to find them, but i found this game intriguing as it has a back story, and the ambiance of the game suites it quite well."

Layers of Fear, awesome game. The company that made this actually had multiple games that were well known for being bad, so this is a huge improvement.

Her name is Yeonmi Park.

Her name is Yeonmi Park.

Yeon-mi Park refuses to be silenced on the systemic human rights abuses in North Korea. wow, this is really sad. some of us think we have it bad, but most of us americans don't know what its like to live in places where thia happens. myself included.


Ib is an indie horror game where she goes to the art museum with her parents. When she comes across this painting called 'Fabricated World' the lights turn off and everyone inside the museum vanishes. While she tries to find her way out she meets strangers that wound up in the same situation. Their only life is inside a rose and if the petals fall off, they get injured. Statues and paintings go after them and try to kill them or keep them from escaping. Probably my favorite horror game.


Garo is a Makai Armor that specialise in long sword combat. Solve the mysteries puzzle and find the mystical sword to defeat the final horror. Enjoy this fun escape game, have Fun!