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You don't need movies to get your #Halloween horror fix this year. This books will do the trick!

  • Jennifer Reid

    They forgot the Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. That book was a lot scarier than the movie.

Myrtle Corbin, the Four-Legged Woman | 16 Real Life Side Show Workers That Probably Inspired "American Horror Story: Freak Show"

  • Erin Murphy

    This was not fake. Myrtle Corbin was born with dipygus. It's the picture of Edward Mordrake that was fake, though he did exist.

  • Amy Nelson

    It may be fake, but she's still got something funky with that leg. Her knee is totally forward but her foot is sagging all the way inward

  • Sam Lenfestey

    This has been proven fake. And I just think that's how she has her leg, nothing to do with deformation.

  • Amy Nelson

    No you can't? Did you also miss that her right leg is also deformed? Clearly the little legs are from a fused twin

  • kaitlyn rolls

    You can see tge kids heae under her dress

Nick Castle as Michael Myers - 40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

The 13 Most Terrifying Stephen King Characters (I feel the need to point out that, even though it was a good movie, Stephen King did NOT back Stanley Kubrick in his endeavor to film "The Shining" so they should have used an image of Steven Weber, who was in the version Stephen King did himself. just sayin'.)

11 Upcoming Horror Movies You Should Be Excited About>>>>>>really scary stuff!!!

  • Lotta Kilpiö

    I'm not a horror movie person but I went to see Horns because I heard Daniel Radcliffe was great in it, and I loved that movie! Wasn't really scary, had to look away a couple of times, which is nothing.

  • Pennie Dreadful

    Horns wasn't bad...per se. It wasn't scary at all though.

  • Lauren S

    Most of these look terrible tbh

  • Stephanie Marous

    Yeah cause Harry Potter has horns that stuff is freakin scary

50 Scariest Books of All Time: The Ritual, Adam Nevill Campers in the woods is a pretty standard horror convention, sure, but this version is guaranteed to give you the creeps. You’ll rush to the finish — in a warm, well-lit place, of course.

  • Death Ann

    I read this, it was GREAT! Highly recommended. Perfect for October!

9 Books Scarier Than Any Horror Movie; because scary on the screen can't compare to scary in your mind!

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And finally... | 28 Jokes Only "American Horror Story" Fans Will Understand

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Incredible Photos of the Real People Who Inspired American Horror Story: Freak Show |

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

21 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About “The Rocky Horror Pictures Show”

  • Maeve ♈ the fox

    this is my favorite movie and just yus

  • Emily Allen

    Chasiti Goble

  • Paula D

    Lmao Scott! It took me a while too! I started watching this movie when I was 12 and I ruined 3 VHS's! I re-watched it a couple of months ago when I heard it clearly!

  • Scott Mc

    Paula D - wow, thanks! I saw this movie about 104 times and always thought that it was "Hardly do I"! I blame Tim Curry and poor diction.

  • Paula D

    Scott... It's "how do you do I ..." *shakes head in disappointment*

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12 Creepy YA Books That Should Be Made Into Horror Movies | Pin now read later, need some new creepy books :3

  • Sam Graves

    I love this book it is amazing

  • Emma F.

    Is it bad that I have read every book on this list, and loved them all?

  • Kelly Melton

    I LOVE Asylum!!!! I.want to get the next one

  • Chelsey Fojan

    I'm reading Asylum now and I loving it so far. What I like about it is to show real pictures from different asylums and the three characters mindset.

  • Dina Dippold

    I'll be starting this after

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This is the work of Christopher McKenney, a conceptual artist from Pennsylvania. He calls his photography style "horror surrealist". His picture are actually very cool. Check them out!

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40 Behind the Scenes photos of Movies....kind of takes the magic out of it a bit seing the "Alien" taking a break ;)

We've got vintage photos of actual circus performers that look just like American Horror Story: Freak Show characters!

If you love a good spine-chilling mystery, or gripping psychological thriller, but won't go near horror novels because they make you lose sleep at night, this is the reading list for you. These 45 books are seriously spooky, but not out-and-out scary.

The Disturbing True Story of American Horror Story's New Character Edward Mordrake

Linda Blair and her robot double on the set of "The Exorcist." From "40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies" on Buzzfeed.

NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. -Nightmare on Elm Street

John Carroll Lynch on playing the most terrifying character on "American Horror Story: Freak show". Is Twisty the Clown haunting your dreams?

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Rocky Horror Picture Show | 21 Things Atheist Girls Love

  • Susan Dreams

    Sorry Jane, my comment was directed towards the people above who want to pull religion into a photo that is of a movie.

  • Jane

    Yes I got that, I'm just confused about your last comment. I mean no ill will by asking for more of an explanation.

  • Susan Dreams

    It's a movie called the rocky horror picture show. It's a cult classic from the 70s it's a hilarious musical about transvestite aliens :)

  • Jane

    What show is it?

  • Susan Dreams

    Maybe people should watch the show before commenting about what atheists aren't. Maybe it's part of the show that you idiots haven't watched apparently.

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Do you like scary movies? Here's a list of some of the scariest horror films of all time & what makes them so entertaining!

Freddy Krueger stretching his face | 40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" | 40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

Bizarre And Horrifying Incidents That Happened During Horror Movie Productions

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