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    Grave Encounters (2011) // #graveencounters #movie #horrormovie #animatedgif

    American Psycho bloody mug. | 31 Creepy Items Every Horror Fan Should Own. I kinda need all of these things

    Horror Pics 6 Christopher McKenney is a conceptual photographer from Pennsylvania who manages to find true art in the dark and twisted. He specializes, as you’ll see, in horror and surrealist photography. Most of the subjects in his photos are faceless, and disembodied in some way. Even though you can’t directly see their faces, you can see the pain behind the veil. As you might imagine his pictures are more than a little creepy.

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    Christopher McKenney - conceptual photographer, specialises in horror and surrealism

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    American Horror Story. By far the most disturbing show I've ever seen in my life. I love it.

    Hell Raiser : number one on my list of favorite horror movies

    This picture shows a man holding a chainsaw. the chain saw is a tool but is being presented as a forceful weapon. the blood and rust on the blade makes it appear to have been used as a murder weapon. His clothes are very tattered and mucky this suggests he is not civilised and does not wash or get changed this could suggest he is in hiding or is running from something. His face is very distorted

    Horror Movie Map Of The United States. Ohio has Nightmare On Elm Street. Cool cool cool.

    This show is messed up. I love it!