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Mane pulling can be a hefty undertaking if not done regularly, so try to pull your horse’s mane frequently to keep the job a fairly easy one. Always pull after you’ve ridden or exercised your horse, as exercise helps to open his pores and makes it easier to pull the mane. Pull just a few hairs at a time, and if there is much work to be done on your horse’s mane then tackle it in sections over a period of a few days to make the job easier on both of you.


The continental braid is so under-utilized these days. It's classically beautiful yet so out of date that its almost "edgy." I've always loved it. Check out "Grooming to Win" for perfect instructions.


"At my first show, I braided a red ribbon into my horse's mane and tail without knowing...and everyone was asking me questions and avoiding us. I couldn't figure out why because my guy is such a sweetheart. So now I know!" <<this is very interesting... i'll have to remember this