Marlon Brando Was A Perfect Man: This is a true thing. Don't tell me you are not seduced by this gif.

Bahahahaha! Why do I have to be so young . And so far away from this guy.

Actor Dylan Sprayberry arrives at WWE and E! Entertainment's "Superstars for Hope" at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Aug. 15.

Hey, I am Jake I act and play football. I'm 17. Maia and Alexa Are my sisters don't hurt them. I am Single

Here is Boulder again. Most of the time, he's obnoxious and facetious, but when he's actually being serious... Well, then.

I have no idea who this is, but he's totally getting repinned onto my yumminess board. Yes indeed.

13 Male Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Total Hotties. Not all of then but some surprises and some I disagree with.

Business strategy | VMAN magazine | print publications | Nick Jonas | one of the top men magazine which targeting the young adult group

Have never seen a more adorable picture of Johnny Depp anywhere else! Climb down and kiss me now~

something for you ladies to look at and admire... sure its a deep fantasy you have while in the bedroom... to have a man restrained while you do what you want to him...

What a man. This is from the movie "An Innocent Man." Awesome flick, if you haven't see it, do!

i'll take one of those please! like everything about this man makes me weak in the knees! oh ian!

Shemar Moore is a work of art. Loved him on the Young and the Restless. He can come back now!

So attracted to these two when they were young, especially Matthew Perry, or should I say, Chandler Bing :) it's a shame I am more physically() attracted to him when he was on drugs

28 Sexy Pictures of Older Actors When They Were Young. I love this soooo much. Clint Eastwood and Gary Oldman are still hot! And Susan Sarandon was smokin'!

Marlon Brando. The story of the life of this man makes forget that he looks handsome on this picture.

Young he was at his finest during the Titanic days!!