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Classical orchestra performs while eating the worlds hottest chili peppers. Danish chili pepper enthusiast Chili Klaus and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra each eat a habanero super hot pepper in the middle of performing the classic "Tango Jalousie". Known as one of the world's hottest chili peppers, they deserve an encore.

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Sean Evans and Chili Klaus Eat the Carolina Reaper, the World’s Hottest Chili Pepper

On a recent episode of Hot Ones from First We Feast, host Sean Evans teamed up with chili pepper expert Chili Klaus to devour one of the world’s hottest chili peppers, the Carolina Reaper. vi…

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Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chili - The Hottest Chili Pepper in the World!

The practically explosive Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chili is the current hottest chili pepper in the world with a Scoville Heat Rating of SHU. Now you can grow your very own, very, very carfeully!


Can you guess the 10 hottest chili peppers in the World? This Infographic gives an idea of the level of hotness of the world’s hottest chili peppers versus the chili peppers commonly used in cooking recipes. Do you dare taking a bite to the Carolina Reaper?


hottest: a colorful mix of the hottest chili peppers. Thai chili, habanero, serrano, jalapeno, bhut jolokia, trinidad scorpion, carolina reaper, jamaican yellow, black chili Stock Photo


World's Hottest Chili Pepper Identified

Worlds hottest chili pepper identified? I definitely need to try out a recipe with this...!!! Spiciest salsa or guacamole ever, perhaps?


Ghost Chili Peppers grown Nagaland, India now available with Chiles. World's Hottest Chili Pepper

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6 Fresh Carolina Reaper Pods World's Hottest Chili Peppers

6 Fresh Carolina Reaper Pods World's Hottest Chili Peppers by treasures1st on Etsy