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Hottest Pepper On Earth

When I lived in Jamaica, the Scotch Bonnet pepper was prepared in all foods. They claim it's the HOTTEST pepper in the world. It's extremely hot, but an excellent taste.

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"Carolina Reaper" Declared Hottest Pepper on Earth

So God Made the World's Hottest Pepper. Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T,” (at least three times as hot as a typical habanero)

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Hottest Pepper on Earth Grown in South Carolina

Last month the Guinness Book of World Records deemed the Fort Mill, South Carolina-grown Carolina Reaper pepper to be the hottest on earth, ending a 4-year debate on the matter. The bumpy, oily, bright red fruit, which resembles the shape ... Read More

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Trinidad Moruga Scorpion: Super Hot Sting

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion: The World's Hottest Pepper -

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Let’s Get to Know About the Hottest Chili on Earth

VARIETES PEPPERS | All the varieties of chili peppers