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James II and family, 1694 (oil on canvas), Mignard, Pierre (1612-95) / Royal Collection Trust © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2016 / Bridgeman Images


The House of Stuart - The Stuarts ruled Scotland for over two centuries before inheriting the English throne and established a reputation as both ambitious and accident-prone. Of nine monarchs, six of them died violently. They ruled Britain from 1603, when the Union of the Crowns caused James VI of Scotland to become James I of England. Stuart rule ended in 1714.


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Mary Queen of Scots bedroom, Holyrood Palace I wonder if Rizzio's ghost haunts this room, after his horrible murder by the Scottish lords. Poor Mary! She never had counsellors she could trust, like her counterpart Elizabeth did. I have always believed Mary was born in the wrong century.


Anne - The first Queen of a united Great Britain, Anne was the daughter of James II, younger sister of Mary II, and cousin and sister-in-law of William III. Despite numerous pregnancies, she bore no heir. She left her crown to her Protestant Hanovarian cousins rather than the Catholic Jacobite claimants (descended from James II and Mary of Modena). Anne reigned 8 March 1702 until 1 August 1714.


Charles I (1600-49). King of Great Britain and Ireland. Portrait. Image taken from A collection of 279 coloured portraits of illustrious persons engraved by B. M.