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How To: Your DIY Bug Repellent Guide to Common Household Pests

Your DIY Bug Repellent Guide to Common Household Pests - hoping I don't need this but I want to keep hold of this info just in case!

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How to Get Rid of Your 7 Most Hated Bugs

The go-to guide for getting rid of your 7 most hated bugs

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12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves — When in a survival situation pretty much anything and everything can be upcycled into something that can aide you in surviving. Over at Creek shows us 12 survival hacks that we can use just by using leaves.

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Some great tips for pest control. Just survived an ant infestation and boy was this helpful

You Can Stop Freaking Out About That Ant Infestation Now

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DIY Organic Repellant: How to Keep Bugs Out of Your House and Off Your Skin This Summer | ecogreenlove
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How To Make an Inexpensive Clay Pot Smoker — I love smoked meat! Any time of the year is a good time for smoked meat. However, I do not love how expensive smokers are. Luckily, there are tutorials out there that show you how to make a smoker of your own.

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How to Survive Field Injuries — From snake bites to sore teeth, this guide will help you tackle almost any accident. All of these injuries are quite common and a little trip to the doctor can normally sort these out! What if there were no doctor? What if you were stranded or SHTF?

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