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When I get trick or treaters I'm gonna like give out water bc like no kid wants water over candy


I kinda know how he feels, my grandfather past away about 3 years ago (because of cancer) && it hurts to know that they're gone && even more seeing your mother the way my mom was so I completely get why he broke down like that, to be honest I still do when I talk about my experience but they're in a better place now && I'm 100% sure she is so proud of taetae❤️


that moment when ppl get mad at you for not knowing how to deal with a situation that you didn't even chose to be in and you've never had to deal with before and dealing with it goes completely against your personality and everyone keeps telling you what you're doing wrong even though you've made it explicitly clear that you have no idea how to approach it. sometimes I really wanna move out of this stupid town



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As Etsy Sellers, we spend all our energy on one crazy life-or-death quest: “how can I make more sales?!?!?!”…BUT let’s all just pause and take a breath for a minute. There’s an even MORE important question that you’re not asking. (Are you ready for it? Should I do a countdown?) Here it is: Why do SOME items sell on Etsy and not others? How can we sell stuff on Etsy if we don't know WHAT and WHY people are buying? Learn how to get a handle on what makes buyers spend money.


condolences to V's grandmother and i hope v gets better ik it's hurt hwaiting V it's okay to cry im really sad he won't get to read this message but i do care and know how it feels to lose a loved onebt


Yes he did complete it, that's so cute but I think if it in a hyungly way. Everyone PLEASE STOP with the GAY SHIPS FOR IDOLS OR ANYONE ELSE! GOD STOP! How do you think they feel when they see themselves getting gayshipped?? STOP WITH GAY SHIPS ✋


Otter's realization: Now that I am in the tree, how do I get down? - June 17, 2012