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How Do Robots Work

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A Simple Explanation of How Do Robots Work

How Do Robots Work? Robots, machines that can perform human tasks, have always interested tech-enthusiasts and the general public alike. Right from wired to humanoid robots, the basics of operation and design principles remain the same. Get to know the exact working of a robot in this Buzzle post.


Greg McKaskle - This Is How I Work This weeks How I Work focuses on Greg McKaskle a FIRST mentor of not only 2468 Team Appreciate but also a FLL and a FLL Jr team. Greg began his involvement in FIRST through his work with LEGO which eventually led him into FRC where he has gained many years of experience mentoring 2468. Greg tells many interesting stories and advice about robotics in his article so be sure to read more to get some more insight on how he does what he does! [Responses from…


['Robots!', 'By: Jack Cutrara', 'My Essential Question', 'What exactly is a robot? Also, how do robots work?', 'What is a robot?', '- a robot is a mechanical device that is capable of performing a variety of tasks on command or according to instructions programmed in advance', 'What can a robot do?', '- they can sense and respond to their environment', '- they can do mechanical and/or repetitive jobs better, faster, and safer than humans', '- they can think and play complex games better than…

Jonathan Bryant - This Is How I Work In this weeks How I Work we are going to look a little bit into the life of a familiar face from FIRST HQ. You might remember him as the guy who says Bring out the dead! in the FRC Stronghold Game reveal: Jonathan Bryant. When Jonathan joined FRC he instantly became mesmerized by the regional atmosphere and years later became a FRC Kit of Parts Engineer. In this article you can find out more about the amazing stories and advice Jonathan has to offer…

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ASK SAMAA: How do I balance my school work and mental health?

ASK SAMAA: How do I balance my school work and mental health? (tl;dr: You are a human, not a robot. Remember to prioritize your mental and physical health over everything else)


How do helicopter blades work? So complicated, but I want my robot to make sense, so research!

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The Next Industrial Revolution

"The Wealth of Humans," a new book by Economist columnist Ryan Avent about how technology is changing the nature of work. In the next few years, self-driving cars, health-care robots, machine learning, and other technology will complement many workers in the office. Counting both humans and machines, the world’s labor force will be able to do more work than ever before. But this abundance of workers could create a glut of labor... #guaranteedbasicincome #robots

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How the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Works

How the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Works [by SPACE -- via #tipsographic]. More at

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Think You're Important At Work? A Robot Could Probably Do Your Job Today

Think You're Important At Work? A Robot Could Probably Do Your Job Today And guess what? It doesn't matter if you're a CEO or a minimum wage worker. Over the last few years we've heard a lot about how artificial intelligence could put large numbers of people out of work. An often-cited study from Oxford University found that 47% of jobs in America are at "high risk of computerization" in the next 20 years. And more recent research from Forrester predicts a net loss of 9.1 million jobs in…

Making Makers, Not Robots... "The kids find this freedom to do things for themselves exhilarating and it often fuels their interest in “how these things work” rather than just how to do them."