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Great Guide On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Iphone. #HeadphoneCord #FindMyPhone You have to live under a rock to not be familiar with Apple’s iphone. This amazing little device has set the way we view communication. You can use Siri to give you reminders based on your location. You do not have to say “At five I have to call work, Siri.” You can instead... Read the rest of this entry »


How does Siri work in terms of algorithms? - Quora

ZQ: Siri, cancel all my meetings today. I have a ton of hard work to do. Siri: I hope you are wearing your work boots that are made for hard work Big Z. ZQ: You know I am. I am about to do hard work.

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How to Make Siri, Google Now & Cortana Even Better

How to Make Siri, Google Now & Cortana Even Better - Techlicious

My Siri pullover might be my favorite WIP on the needles right now, and this gorgeous dusty pink Hey Mama Wolf yarn is mainly responsible for that (though I still manage to never find enough time to work on it). What are your favorites WIPs these days? (pattern: Siri Cardigan by @clara.linnea, yarn: organic wool #3 by @hey_mama_wolf_yarns)

The second-gen Philips Hue Starter Kit works with Siri for voice-activated lighting changes.

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Moving from virtual assistants to virtual specialists

How a Siri reminder works with Convo.