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How the Tesla Coil Works (Infographic)

Nikola Tesla created the Tesla coil, which allows wireless transfer of electricity. Here's how the Tesla coil works.

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How a car engine works: remember you have a gas engine, and a electric motor.

How A Car Engine Works infographic moves us in a good way

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It's Electric! How Your Circuit Breaker Panel Works

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10 Awesome Electricity Projects for Kids

10 Awesome Electricity Projects for Kids - Simple static electricity demonstrations, build a circuit, show how a switch works, electromagnetism and more!

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Fender Stevie Ray Vaughan #1 Replica Stratocaster. If you get on stage carrying this axe you better know how to play.

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Wireless Electricity? How the Tesla Coil Works

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Infographic: Electricity A visual cheat sheet

#Infographic: #Electricity A visual cheat sheet about electrical physics, containing the most important formulas of current and Ohm’s law expressed through an impossible water circuit analogy. (by Pierluigi Scotolati) #Lovely

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