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How Heath Ledger Died

The Joker. <3 when i watched this part of the movie with my friend she said "you can really see the pain be hind his laghing" and i gave her a look like she was crazy and super smart


Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Heath Ledger (RIP)...... (+ this makes me a little sad, sigh)


People keep telling me how much Noah looks like Heath Ledger...I kinda see what they are talking about!

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“Once every 50 years a guy like that comes along. For his age, Heath has an incredible manliness about him. I think he has a strong sense of himself, but it’s especially amazing in someone so young, because usually male stars don’t develop that kind of thing until their thirties.” Happy birthday to one of the most talented actors ever to grace this planet. Heath Ledger, April 4th, 1979 - 22 January, 2008.

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Despite their success and early fame, the lives of noted celebrities like Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain and Philip Seymour Hoffman ended in tragedy. In this riveting series, explore how the gap between actual life and public reporting helped to create these contemporary legends. "Too Young to Die" portrays the individuals behind their myth.