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How Old Is Deadpool

This whole thing kills me. He's so old and carries so much capacity to love and his two hearts have been broken more times than any one person should have to bear. He knows deep down that even his greatest efforts won't fix this, won't prevent the inevitable from happening, but he can't bear to not try. You can hear the pain and desperation and despair in his voice and see it in his eyes. This grumpy old man who doesn't like hugs and doesn't understand humans is broken beyond belief and no…


Slade is supposedly around 70... but with the experiment has pretty much stopped aging. Why does he look so old in the comics? i would like him to look 30-40 but the comics make him look like he's 50 or something... unless that's how 30-40 years looked back then :P


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It was a few years ago that this guy was in every comicbook Even non-Xmen books. We got tired of Wolverine. So Marvel did what marvel does and killed him and brought an alternate version of him Old Man Logan. But we all know no one stays dead in the 616 for long. When he returns my hope is that marvel does not make the same mistake and put him in every book. Character crossing over to books outside of their normal world should be special If not we become immune to how special they are…