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How Old Is Fergie

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living? - Bob Marley #quote #life

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Side-Parted Waves are Officially the Hairstyle of the Season

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We know how wild a two year old can be, and if you dont you will soon learn!! This birthday tee is super cute, perfect for the birthday kid to wear or to give for a second birthday gift. Want a colored design on this shirt? Send us a message and we can make it happen. Need it by a certain date? Thats no problem, send us a message and we will see what we can do! Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check out our other items available in the shop at…


@GOPLeader @EricCantor Hey Eric: This is your girl Fergi giving you a shout out! Remember me...I'm the 7 year old Japanese Chin who during the 2012 Presidential Campaign my friends and I slammed YOU on Tumblr and Twitter! I was just sitting here reminiscing about the 2008 INAUGURATION... Remember at this very moment in time 4 years ago, YOU and the rest of YOUR BUFFOON MINIONS... met for dinner to plot and make sure PRESIDENT OBAMA was a "ONE TERM PRESIDENT". How did that workout for…

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This DIY T-Shirt Toy Is The Sweetest Thing You Can Make For Your Dog


Glitter Gradient Nails ~ YOU can do this! A coat of clear (or peachy beige). Now wipe your glitter brush well & deposit a very light coat starting a tad higher than mid-nail. Dry. Repeat starting just a little lower. DRY. Repeat. Deposit the heaviest concentration of glitter at the tip. Voila! Have patience. Do 1 nail & see how it works. Beats having to remove 10 mistakes. If this 67 yr old shaky blind broad can do it, so can YOU! ;)


Hello, world! My name is Fergie. I am a 10 YEAR OLD American staffordshire/mix. I have no teeth, which is why my tongue sticks out like this. I may be old and toothless, but I am still dog-gone cute and need love too! I can be yours for $17 in honor of Paw-di Gras! And that goes for all of my adult dog friends (ages 1+). All of us even come with vaccinations, heartworm tests and treatment, microchips, spayed or neutered and a heart full of love! How paw-some is that? Check my doggy…