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Cute Comic Characters : Comic Heroes Illustrations by Christopher Uminga

Comic Heroes Illustrations by Christopher Uminga - How adorable are these cute comic characters by Christopher Uminga? From Wolverine to the Hulk, these illustrated revisions of classic comic heroes...

It was a few years ago that this guy was in every comicbook Even non-Xmen books. We got tired of Wolverine. So Marvel did what marvel does and killed him and brought an alternate version of him Old Man Logan. But we all know no one stays dead in the 616 for long. When he returns my hope is that marvel does not make the same mistake and put him in every book. Character crossing over to books outside of their normal world should be special If not we become immune to how special they are…


Deadpool- Isnt that pen cool. U wanna know how i got it. Well, i was invited over to Stark's place when i saw the old spy gear that his daddy made during the cold war... So, obviously, Tony, my dear bud, gave it to me... Yeah, Tony Stark gave me an exploding pen because we r buds. Not like the Wolverine version of, "Bub" there is a "b" at the end, i checked, i got his comics.


How did Sabretooth survive getting beheaded by Wolverine? And can Wolverine survive this encounter with his old enemy? Only on Wolverine #310

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