Really quick: burpees and situps are the WORST thing you can do if you have diastasis recti (DR) and men and children can get DR just like women because "die-ass-tuh-sees" is not caused by pregnancy, it's caused by pressure {read more on that here... click} ...

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"I'm yours forever, Ser," Ronan growls. He begins to to change to his monstrous form surely but slowly. In less than five minutes, he's in his monstrous form.

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We were just talking about this @ericamarie121!! This would've been a perfect opportunity!

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My Mom called to ask how to take a screenshot on her phone. I laughed a bit and then remembered that she taught me how to use a spoon.

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Rainbow Names...Perfect 1st day of school activity. Teach kiddos your expectations for how to use their supplies and taking pride in their work!

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How to Take Screenshot in Chrome OS

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