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How to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating Fast

One of the most common digestive issues of today’s world is definitely bloating. It’s so uncomfortable and embarrassing that many of us decide to start eating healthier foods in order to avoid this occurrence. But what if this doesn’t help? How can you get rid of gas and bloating fast? We collected 13 Reasons you're bloated and 8 Holistic Solutions.


Peppermint Oil Capsules for Bloating and Bad Gas - What makes peppermint oil so effective at preventing bloating, flatulence and other digestive problems and how to take peppermint oil capsules correctly to avoid side effects.


Food list for The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution (2011): a book that advises how to lower anxiety using food and supplementation. - Avoid sugar, processed foods, and caffeine. - 3 levels of diet to test for food sensitivities, and another diet to reintroduce traditional foods. - All diets: eat healthy animal protein, nonstarchy fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, good fats. - Foods to test as potential triggers for anxiety: gluten-containing grains, dairy, gluten-free grains, starchy vegetables…

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What to eat—and avoid—for a no-bloat summer

May is Celiac Awareness Month which means this list of unlikely sources of gluten will come in handy.
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How to Spot Those Secret Sources of Gluten (Infographic)