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Hmart presents: How to make Korean Army Stew
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Hmart presents: How to make Korean Army Stew

This stew is invented by leftover ingredients from US army in Korea. They transformed leftover spam, sausages, beans into an amazing spicy, savory and addictive stew using Korean condiments! Isn’t it brilliant?

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How to Spam Musubi

In Hawaii believe it or not all you have to do is stop in any 7-11 and get one of these hot yummy things. The ONLY think I will eat that is Spam. In Florence, OR we have a place called Aloha Sushi and they make these huge and Onolicious. How to Spam Musubi

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Homemade Spam Recipe – What, Why, and How

Homemade Spam Recipe - It used to only be found in grocery you can make Homemade Spam in your kitchen. Try your hand at this one-of-a-kind culinary feat. All you'll need to make it is pork shoulder, ham and garlic. Impress all your friends with your homemade version.