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How To Do Everything

Everything people are accusing Trump for, Hillary was actually going to do! She took a lot of $ from muslims..what do you think they wanted for their $. People should get educated as to what "Sharia Law" really is. They kill gays! They are the only group left that actually have slaves right now! Not to mention how they DIS-respect women!


And that means our country and taxpayer funded services too!!!! Why are illegal, Spanish/Arabic/Vietnamese/etc speaking children allowed in our schools and government funded medical programs???? Do you know how much of your tax $$$$ are wasted on these people who have no intention to "melt" into our melting pot??? How much it costs us to provide everything they demand in multiple languages? Trillions!! They are here to ROB REAL AMERICANS!!! Time for this crap to stop!!!

How to keep them coming back for more: Be patient and understanding. Make them feel like you appreciate everything they do. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs


Jimin needs to open a class to teach "how to be sexy in everything we do" soon srly


awwww so confused and adorable and will be digested soon


This is the best thing ever. Also, imagine Draco and Luna bonding over this (because Draco totally defends Luna) and becoming best friends and doing everything thing together & they become so close that people start shipping them, but Draco and Luna are totally platonic, and they also defend each other and Luna makes Draco hang out with her friends, and after everyone sees how Draco is with Luna they start to realize that Draco isn't so bad after all anD BROTP