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Thats what happens when everyone's trying to kill you. Fuck it! Blow it up! Jab and run, jab and run!<< that and they became so skilled that they didn't need to do such things!


Holy shit though. This would be so great because it would basically expose (to an even greater extent) just how ignorant wizards are of Muggles. And it would be the biggest "Fuck you" to Voldemort and everyone who believes in blood purity because "look, these people without magic can do things against magic - and sometimes more effectively."


How to Create a Foolproof Social Media Marketing Strategy

Generally you fall into one of the following categories. You either have no idea where to start with a social media strategy and are searching for the magic potion to make it worth your time or you have put in the time, but aren’t seeing the results you so desperately want. We're here to tell you either way there are options to get you off and on the right path. Sure, you have been told a million times you need to be on social media, but do you really know why? Click to read why + how to ge

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How to Choose a Blog Topic That Makes Money

You want to make money with your blog, but you also want to enjoy blogging. So what do you blog about? Let's explore how to find a blog topic that works for you and makes money.


I always think how amazing they are and I want to repay for helping me with there music them the best I can do is be there can I love them so much. And they are great people -Katie