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from Jeanette's Healthy Living

How To Find Happiness

How To Find Happiness - 8 Factors That Contribute Greatly To Emotional and Mental Stability - based on a study by Duke University. Click through for a free downloadable printout of this list.

from StillWell Senior Care, LLC

#WellnessWednesday: Live Happy

7.20.16 Its ‪#‎WellnessWednesday‬! This week is all about living YOUR version of a happy life. ‪#‎happiness‬.

from making it in the mountains

12 Books to Help you Live a Happier Life

Are you looking to live a happier life? These brilliant books will show you how to slow down, curb the anger, harness your energy, turn those negatives into positives, find gratitude and generally live a more contented life.

from Pinch Me Living

28 Habits that Block Your Happiness & How to Let Them Go

28 Habits that block your happiness & how to let them go. Get the happiness rituals to replace these soul sucking habits. Plus a free pdf guide to download.

from Dr. Axe

How to Be Happy in 2015

How to Be Happy: 15 ideas to help wellbeing & find happiness. Love no.6 everyone should have a Bucket List - goals to aim for beyond the grind of daily life. (Purpose, Dreams, goals & ambitions)

from POPSUGAR Smart Living

From Silly to Serious: 36 Unexpected Ways to Get Happy Now

Isn't it ironic how finding the answer to happiness is sometimes just so serious? We try by listening to scientific studies or following positive mantras, but sometimes it's the things you never thought of that can lead to a sunny disposition. Ahead, check out 36 of those unexpected things, and get ready for a whole lotta smiling in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.