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How To Get Espeon

“eeveelutions + flowers" by hawberries; see how to get the prints on

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Gotta Squee at 'em All. How did there get to be this many? When I was your age, there were 4 options to evolve.

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What Eeveelution Are You?

I got Espeon! "Calm and cunning, your presence is mysterious. You are very smart, and you always know how to get your way."

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Pokemon Go Latest News & Update | Here Is How You Can Get An Espeon And Umbreon

well...its kinda like a step-by-step of how I made the helmet. -Im not sure if its explanatory enough to actually get an idea of how I did it since I left out loads of "steps"...but otherwise it wo...

Poor Umbreon.. I ship Sylbreon but also ship it as a slightly one-sided friendship... Umbreon is so shipable ok!!!

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