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How To Handle Anxiety

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The Dangers Of High-Functioning Depression and Anxiety

How to take care of yourself if you cope with this. #Depression #Anxiety #Health

from Counseling Recovery, Michelle Farris, LMFT

The Most Important Skill To Avoid Relapse!

An important part of sobriety is learning how to handle emotions that set us up for relapse. A trigger is an intense reaction that are rooted in our history. Learning what they are about will help you heal past hurts that are avoided while using.


I don't know what's going on in my mind. I don't even know who I am and for what I'm fighting anymore. I feel so lost. I'm lonely and depressed. Feeling empty and worthless. Everything is going down the road. I was doing good for a few months but now everything is as bad as before. The hardest part for me is that I had to quit school because I couldn't handle it. I feel like a complete failure. I'm broken and I don't know how to fix myself. I don't know anything. Help. #depression #anxiety…

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100+ Powerful Ways to Relax and Calm Your Mind

Wondering how to deal with frequent stress and anxiety in a healthy and quick way? I've compiled a list of some of my favorite tips, tricks and techniques for you to try!

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How to Beat Anxiety So You Can Live Life to the Fullest (tiny buddha)

How to Beat Anxiety So You Can Live Life to the Fullest

from Grey Ministries

Practical Ways to Pray for Peace When You Have Anxiety

What are the ways to treat anxiety without prescription drugs? Are there natural treatments for anxiety that actually work?  Leah Grey gives practical advice on how to handle anxiety as a Christian | Read more or PIN for later!


NOTE: THIS MAY NOT BE ACCURATE FOR EVERY SITUATION BE SURE TO GET SPECIFICS ABOUT THE INDIVIDUALS SEVERITY/TYPE OF ANXIETY AND IF THEY HAVE A PREFERRED WAY TO HOW YOU COULD HELP THEM If someone you know has a panic attack they may become very anxious and not think clearly. You can help the person by doing the following: Stay with the person and keep calm. Offer medicine if the person usually takes it during an attack. Move the person to a quiet place. Don't make assumptions about what the…


Here are tips on how to handle a panic attack - from Jodi Aman, author of the Anxiety-Schmanxiety blog. Did you know 6 million, 2.7% of Americans, have Panic Disorder. Women are twice as likely to be affected as men. Panic Disorder has a very high comorbidity rate with major depression.