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How to brine a turkey! #infographic learn everything you need to know about brining a turkey for Thanksgiving!

How to brine a turkey! #infographic learn everything you need to know about brining a turkey for Thanksgiving!

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Dry Brine Roast Turkey

The easiest roast turkey recipe I've ever tried also turned out the BEST. If you're making Thanksgiving dinner this year, you need to check this out. :)

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How to Make Soleseife or Brine Soap (Salt Water Soap

Learn how to make soleseife brine soap using fine sea salt. Different than a regular salt bar, this soap uses salt dissolved in the lye solution.


Dirty Martini

The Dirty #Martini is a Classic #Cocktail You Should Absolutely Learn How to Make. A dash of olive brine brings a salty, savory note to the all-time classic.

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How to Make Aquafaba for Vegan and Egg-Free Baking (Video Tutorial)

Aquafaba is the new trend in Vegan baking and Egg Free baking. It's easy, healthy, and versatile! You can whip it up to use in place of egg whites, or just use the juice (Chickpea brine) for whole egg baking. Learn how to make Aquafaba with just a can of

I’ve shared a venison pastrami recipe with you in the past, but here’s a little different process that works well with multiple cuts of meat. Instead of utilizing a dry curing process, this recipe is for a brine I adapted from Ruhlman and Polcyn’s book Charcuterie. I dialed back the sweetness a little bit by omitting the white sugar and doubled the brown sugar. I also stuck with my original pastrami spice recipe which calls for garlic powder. I had several smaller pieces of flap meat cut…

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How to Dry Brine a Turkey

A Chefs Secret- How to dry brine a perfectly roast a turkey. The foolproof recipe to make Thanksgiving or any holiday an event to remember.

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This Is Actually The Best Way To Make A Turkey For Thanksgiving

So, go forth and dry-brine your bird this year. Here�s a separate post that will show you exactly how to dry brine and make the best-ever Thanksgiving turkey. | Here's Why You Shouldn't Brine Your Turkey Like Everyone Says To