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Tea Party Time! The Ultimate Guide to Tea

Oolong, chamomile, black—whats the diff? How to steep and pour the perfect cup of tea. – I Quit Sugar

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Easy Tea Crafting: How To Make Your Own Tea Blends in 4 Steps

Are you a tea enthusiast? Would you like to try to make your own tea blends? Follow these steps and you'll be tea crafting in no time!

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How to Make Tea Bags... the easy way

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How to Grow Your Own Herbs for Tea {even in a small space!}

How to Grow Your Own Herbs for Tea {even in a small space} | Herbal tea is easy and rewarding to grow yourself. Many tea herbs are easy-to-grow and do well in pots and small spaces, so you can enjoy delicious home-grown tea year-round. Although you can make tea out of almost any herb, here are five (plus one more) of my favorites for both large and small gardens! |

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How to Make Tea the Right Way

Are you making the switch to tea, but don't know how to make tea the right way? Check out this chart of tea steeping times and see how we make brewing tea easy! #MakeYourMove @kohl

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How to grow and make your own tea

You can grow and make tea from leaves, seeds, fruit, flowers and roots. Here's how to do it!

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How to Make Tea from Berries

How to Make Tea with Berries | Simple, Healthy And Delicious Homemade Drinks by Pioneer Settler at

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The Health Benefits of Green Tea

How to Steep Tea Infographic- REALLY helpful! Proper temperature makes a HUGE difference!

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How to Make Custom Herbal Tea Blends

DIY Basic Tea Making - How to Make Custom Herbal Tea Blends and Medicinal Home Remedy Teas for a Healthier You Naturally

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How To Make Herbal Tea

How To Make Herbal Tea | Make your own delicious and healthy beverage everyday with this super easy recipe. #pioneersettler

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