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How To Miscarriage

from Salon

Texas will now require funeral services whenever a woman has an abortion

Doctors in Texas will now be required to hire funeral services any time a woman ends or loses a pregnancy. to find ways to punish women who fail to bring a pregnancy to term. This time around, it won’t just be women who get abortions who will suffer, but also women who have miscarriages.


I really like this. It says a lot about how I feel sometimes. While pinterest may not be the best place to find "healing" it does show some words of "comfort" from time to time.


How to care for a grieving friend and her family after miscarriage or stillbirth. (I hope I never have to use this.)

I know I'm not supposed to show you how hard this still is for me. I'm supposed to just bottle it up inside and act like nothing ever happened, act like I wasn't devastated. But sometimes it still knocks the wind out of me and suddenly gets so hard to breathe and hold back the tears. ~ Pain, Heartache, Rejection, Grief, Broken


I chose to pin this because the podcast discusses how when a woman loses a child, society does not treat it like any other death. There's no funeral and life sort of just moves on.