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'Tears' and 'fear': Harry Reid is not taking Trump's election well

Listen up Harry Reid. You antagonistic, old liberal, has-been... I'm half Asian, 1/8 Cherokee, part Irish & Scottish but ALL AMERICAN. Don't you DARE try to "speak on MY BEHALF" about voting for Donald J Trump! I voted for Mr. Trump because I'm SICK of how the liberals LIKE YOURSELF continually divide this country along racial lines. So screw you and your "basket of crazies".

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What Happened to Kindergarten?

hildren grow up as fast as in the United States. Joan Almon, coordinator for the Alliance for Childhood in the United States, relates a well-known anecdote about Jean Piaget, the famous cognitive psychologist. “He didn’t particularly like speaking to American audiences. After he would finish his lecture on the natural progression of child development, someone would invariably ask, ‘But how can we get them to do it faster?’” says Almon. In Finland, which routinely leads the world in…

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HOW TO SPEAK IRISH: WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED (SAY IT T-Shirts Men's T-Shirt by American Apparel - kelly green

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Count to 100 in Irish

If you are learning Gaelic, a language some Irish speak while others speak Irish, it's handy to know numbers 1-100. This article will help you do just that. Count from 1-10:


True...although, I did just find out that Andrew Garfield is English and I must say I prefer his fake American accent. Maybe cause that's how I first heard him speak...I don't know but it's just so cute! Hearing him with the accent makes him sound all posh and stuff and I just want to think of him as adorable Peter Parker all the time lol


That’s a bunch of Blarney…or at least this blog is. :)

I was really confused when I was in Ireland and someone asked me for a "fag" Can't wait to go back.