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How To Weave Hair

Weave Hair 101: How To Co-Wash Your Weave :

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Weave Hair 101: How to Wash Your Hair While Wearing a Weave :

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15 Pastel Hair Ideas You'll Love

Pastel hair is all the rage right now. Click to see the trendiest ways how to dye your hair in pastel.

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This is the simplest step-by-step regimen you will ever find on how to grow long hair with wigs and weave complete with product suggestions.

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How to care for your hair weave #CareForHair #HairWeaveCare

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How to Weave Braids Around Tail Every Girl Can Try

How to Weave Braids Around Tail Every Girl Can Try

I did this one in my friend's hair and it turned out pretty cute! I think I need to take a piece of hair that goes farther down the side of the face instead of a peice of hair that comes so far back, though, because the side doesn't look quite as nice...

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Waterfall braid. You can either do this or just twist it add a strand in between and twist and keep going!

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How to bring your curly weave back to life, how to clean curly weave, how to wash curly weave

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