Leonardo DiCaprio (left) portrays frontiersman Hugh Glass (right) in The Revenant movie. We compare The Revenant to the True Story of Hugh Glass: http://www.historyvshollywood.com/reelfaces/revenant/

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Take a mountain man hundreds of miles from civilization, add a bear, subtract his gun, and what do you have? Hugh Glass, and one epic tale of survival.

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Hugh Glass found his head inside the mouth of a big blond Griz, then thrown like a rag doll, ending up on the ground with a gash down his entire body, head to ankle. With Glass near death, the other hunters were going to remain with Glass until he died. Instead, they left him after a day, thinking he was sure to pass. Glass didn’t. Alone, he crawled 325 miles to Fort Atkinson and survived, only to be killed by Arikaras 10 years later along the Yellowstone.

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Hugh Glass, Mountain Man

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