Man Holding His Own Skin - Body Worlds Exhibit - new pinner I was at the Body Works exhibition & it is amazing! If you are in to anatomy put it on your bucket list.

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The Corpus Museum offers its guests an excursion through the human body during which they can see, feel, and hear how the body works. The building, designed by architect Wolbrand van der Vis of PBV Architecten, even has a 5D-heart theater where you, the audience, are a red blood cell. The journey begins at the knee and continues through the uterus (I guess it’s a woman then), the stomach, intestines, the mouth, and finally ending in the brain.

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In shallow breathing the lowest portion of the lungs — which is where many small blood vessels instrumental in carrying oxygen to cells reside — never gets a full share of oxygenated air. We've been taught to stifle anger and emotion which also inhibits flow. Breathe deeper every conscious moment you catch yourself. Inhale more fully, Exhale more deeply. Energize your bodies beautiful network of blood vessels...

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Learn how to make this cool brain and other awesome human body experiments. Semester of Science: The Human Body Part 3 — National LDS Homeschool Association

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