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▶ How our body temperature is maintained - Homeostasis being explained in a simple language - YouTube

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The Workouts That Help You See Weight-Loss Results Faster

Ice water that is cold burn a supplementary 250-to-500 calories a day by drinking 8-to10 glasses of ice cool water because Your human anatomy needs to burn off calories (or fat) in purchase to heat the ice cold water back up to your own body temperature so basically You can lose up to 1 lb. per week


Non-Contact Body IR Digital Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun - Purple. Measure the surface temperature of everything you want in sight! The Non-Contact IR Digital Infrared Thermometer reads human body temperature in seconds, and works excellent for sleeping babies, as it is fast and fully non-contact. In addition, it can also be used to measure the surface temperature of food and liquid. Just aim and squeeze the trigger, then wait for the reading coming out on the backlit display.

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Mapping How Emotions Manifest in the Body

Mapping How Emotions Manifest in the Body Across cultures, people feel increased activity in different parts of the body as their mental sta...


Ideal human body temperature is 37 deg Celsius and Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. Its our skin which regulates body temperature with its blood supply. Sebamed Baby Soothing Massage Oil ensures relaxing massage which stimulates the blood circulation. Further human skin has a special feature, its surface is slightly acidic and on an average the pH value of the healthy skin is 5.5. #sebamed #parenting #cutebaby

christmasisactuallyyule: Limits of the Human Body by Soda Pop Avenue Credit goes to SPA, but I wanted this here for a writer’s reference. This way we know exactly how far we can push our characters ;)