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Rib Cage Print - Human Anatomy - Vintage Human Rib Cage - Skeleton Illustration - Printable Art - Single Print #354 - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


Vilsbøl de Arce has won Design Talent of the Year at the 2010 Danish Fashion Awards. The label's Fall Collection is inspired by human anatomy:" laser-cutting leather to resemble a rib cage splayed open, or a body undergoing a dissection. Other fabrics were quilted and ribbed to give the appearance of pulled musculature."

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Skeletal Series Part 5: The Human Rib Cage

The rib cage is made of twenty four bones and twelve ribs. Description from I searched for this on


Amazing and unique prehistoric artifact - necklace with human rib. String is composed of beads and pendants made of animal bones and human rib. Moriš culture, around 2000 - 1500 BC, found in a grave of a woman no. 180 at prehistoric necropolis in Mokrin, Banat region, northern Serbia. So far, this is unique finding in European prehistory, because of using human bones as raw material. Collection of Museum in Kikinda.

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Anatomical Human Rib Cage Necklace