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Cards Against Humanity Card Game - If you've never played this game, there's a massive void in your life you don't yet know needs filling. Or you're a genuinely good person. In either case, getting started on corrupting your good nature is just one game away. Laughing your ass off is guaranteed. And when you play, be sure to keep Urban Dictionary at the ready—trust me, you'll need it.

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This is fun. Just like in the game of Cards Against Humanity you get to choose which answer you think is the funniest, or saddest, or most inappropriate and quite often the choice voted most popular is all three. This game is billed as "politically incorrect" for a reason.


Hysterical party game shared by @CentsibleLife She says, "it is a truly fun game for grownups that will have you doubled over with laughter."


This game is hard to find because it’s not available in stores (probably because it’s a bit risque). But we'll tell you where to find it...

Cards Against Humanity group game. This is a hilarious game to break the ice in social gatherings. You can make your own cards, or download and print their set.