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Humans and animals

I know it's not dogs but it was too adorable to pass up on and I thought it fit better here than on my animals board

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Proof That Humans And Animals Share An Ever-Growing Bond Of Care & Concern
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People who keep animals outside 24/7 are dicks, and shouldn't be allowed to have pets!

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Disney animals and their human form

Disney animals and their human form (By Alaina Bastian)

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Faith in Life restored.

Faith in Humanity Restored. (Um...the men didn't do anything. The monkey did. in primates restored?)

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This makes me sick to know that humans do this to friends like this. Yes, I said friend, actually, a family member. To all the people who have abused an animal, think of it as your child, sibling, or closest friend...would you really to that to them in real life? Think about it.

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Ffs really? Hunting is just so damn stupid. Poor innocent giraffe :( and those fuckers have the nerve to pose and smile for a picture...sickening

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