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THE FOOL... Magnet

I understanding talking about how hard you've worked to pep talk yourself... But I keep running into people who want to prove they're so much better then everyone else.. No one cares how many followers you have on Instagram, that doesn't make you a good person or "somebody"-- and why is everyone trying to be better then everyone else?!?! Being an ordinary person is part of each of our superpowers, why do so many want to rob themselves of that?!?!!. Just be yourselves you boasty bastards…


Humble yourself, Be grateful for all you have been given, Cherish family & friends, Be honest with yourself & others, Live Simple, Love and Laugh Often. Description from I searched for this on


Happy, successful people are often successful in the long run for one simple reason: they think about success and failure differently. They don’t take everything that goes wrong personally, and they don’t get a big head when everything goes right either. Follow in their footsteps. Be a humble, life-long learner. Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart. - via:

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Humble yourself

Humble yourself. Or life will do it for you. – #attitude #humbleness