Hungarian algorithm

T-9 Russian English Electronic Translator. by TRANO. $179.99. The T-9, Russian is a revolutionary, expandable TEXT Translator & Dictionary ! translates full sentences from English to Russian or Russian to English with 70% to 100% accuracy..! The sophisticated algorithm is combined with build in large amount of professional database.. hundred of thousands words and phrases This product is designated for learners, travelers and business people regardless of your proficiency...

Sorting Algorithms: Bubble-sort with Hungarian ("Csángó") folk dance -- Now I know why Hungarians are so good at math

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Watch As Our Own Nate Hutchison Builds a Robot to Solve The Rubik's Cube using LEGO Mindstorms!

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Brahms Hungarian dance no. 5 in G minor with mesmerising iterative screensaver "Substrate" Linux openware algorithm written by Jared Tarbell - 2004 [ Iteration 7 ] A simple perpendicular growth rule creates intricate city-like structures.

Gyorgy Kepes György Kepes (1906 – 2001) was an Hungarian-born artist, professor, author and aesthetic theorist whose work contributed signif...

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