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1874: 64 counties of Hungary - Integer Hungary from the independent Kingdom of Hungary was established in 1000 AD to 1920. The Treaty of Trianon had devastating effects on the Hungarian economy and on Hungary. Founded in 896, a peaceful multi-ethnic state for over 1100 years and her borders were virtually unchanged until 1920.


The Treaty of Trianon had devastating effects on the Hungarian economy and on their sense of national pride. Trianon was every bit as heartbreaking to the Hungarians as the Treaty of Versailles was to the Germans. Both were treaties drafted by the French, Americans, and the Brits for the purpose of destabilizing Central European powers.


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Economy. This picture shows the US flag and the Hungarian flag. Hungary and the US have a lot of similarities and differences. For instance they both have grown into a well known country with people from all different nations and religions that live there. Hungary is losing their population while the USA’s population is growing rapidly.

Washington, DC, October 24 (MTI) – Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó and Economy Minister Mihály Varga took part in several commemoration events marking the 60th anniversary of Hungary’s anti-Soviet uprising of 1956 in Canada over the weekend. Speaking in Montreal, Szijjártó said that rather than opting to build a parallel society in their new home, …

Award for Successful Enterprises in "Startup" category. We receive the award from Varga Mihály Minister of National Economy, Hungary.