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Anyone who fancies themselves a ghost hunter in the state of New York should make a visit to the Beardslee Castle one of their top priorities. I have heard of and have seen many so-called haunted places in my travels around this wonderful state of ours. I have to say that Beardslee is both one of the most fascinating and one of the most authentic that I have personally come across. The oldest stories told of the ghosts who inhabit the Beardslee Manor...


This Old House Stumbled upon this massive old building near Hunter Mountain in Upstate, New York. This shot doesn't come close to capturing the entire building. As noted in the comments this is this building was the Cold Spring Hotel. You can find more info inthe comments below.


Picture of the Day: Rare White Reindeer Spotted in Mala, Sweden. I had a white buck on my property in central NY. Magnificent animal. He hung out on our land because of a natural spring fed waterfall. Every year we had to post our land to keep the darn hunters away whose goal was to bag him.


Kaaterskill Falls is frequently thought of as the tallest waterfall in New York, although T Lake Falls (300'), Inspiration Falls (350'), and Roaring Brook Falls (325') are all taller. It's still a bona fide giant by east coast standards. Amazing place to see.