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Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell car 'Mirai' coming to America in 2016

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Honda's hydrogen fuel cell sedan can power your entire house

Honda's Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, capable of 434 miles on a single tank, is the brand's first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle

Honda Cub Motorcycle concept vehicle, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. (looks more like a "rolling doughnut")

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Making hydrogen fuel from water and visible light at 100 times higher efficiency | A big step closer to hydrogen as a practical fuel to power vehicles and electrical devices. [Hydrogen:]

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ENV Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle

ENV bike by Seymourpowell is the world’s first built hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle. Silent, sleekly elegant and emitting only pure water vapor, the motorcy

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Make Your Own Hydrogen Fuel Cell It’s Simple – Easy – Effective $33

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