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Why hydrogen-powered cars will drive Elon Musk crazy

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Will investment in hydrogen-powered cars pay off?

After spending more than a decade and billions of dollars on developing zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, carmakers are planning to release their models in California.

Hydrogen Powered Cars (Educational Toy). Have you ever played with toys? I know, stupid question. Sometimes in our childhood, we played with some amazing toys and thought “if I got a real big one!” Anyone ever thought about a toy runs by water? Probably never. Hydrogen Powered Cars is beyond our all imaginations. And… they are powered by water!

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The future is here! Toyota's hydrogen-powered cars are go for 2015

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10 hydrogen-powered cars in the works right now

GM says it has achieved 3.1 million miles of hydrogen fuel cell testing, but there's no word on the specs of this particular hydrogen powered car.


5 Awesome Hydrogen-Powered Cars To Look Forward To

Automakers are pouring time and money into further developing this state-of-the-art vehicular technology. Here are 5 Awesome Hydrogen-Powered Cars to Look Forward To.