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Printing Photorealistic Images on 3D Objects

Computational Hydrographic Printing, a new method that inherits the versatility of traditional hydrographic printing, while also enabling precise alignment of surface textures to possibly complex surfaces

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A Crazy Way to Add Intricate Color to 3-D Printed Creations

Hydrographic Way to Add Intricate Color Pattern to 3-D Printed Creations | Hydrographic Printing is a widely used and frankly kind of nutty way to add color to objects. This new computational technique makes it even nuttier.

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Hydrographic Printing Brings 3-D Printing To a Whole New Dimension of Awesomeness

Hydrographic Printing Brings 3-D Printing To a Whole New Dimension of Awesomeness - #3d #Hydrographic #printing

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Mind-Blowing Hydrographic Printing Technique Adds Intricacy to 3D-Printed Objects

Hydrographic printing, sometimes known as immersion printing, isn't a new technology by any means. In fact, the first registered patent for a hydrographic apparatus was issued back in However, u... - New hydrographic printing adds complicated color patterns to 3D printed objects | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News


Hydrographic printing in cold water. - YouTube

Water Transfer and Hydrographic Printing - H2O Printers Hydro Printing - Hydro-graphic Water-Transfer Hydro-Dipping Printing Services

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Details about Blank Inkjet Printer Hydrographic Printing Film Water Transfer Printing Film

Prior to this innovation, hydrographic printing has been limited by practicality to a method for adding repetitive or abstract coloring to a 3D object. The texture map data collected drives the creation of a film prepared for the specific surface and the rest is as close to magic as it gets. In the video released, a white 3D printed mask is submerged into the bath onto an image that would have made Picasso proud and yet emerges with the coloring of a tiger perfectly placed on its surface.