I loved Hydrox. They were so much better than the Oreo. The cookie was chocolatier and the center was creamier.

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Sunshine Hydrox cookies - these came before Oreos!! My grandma always had them in her cookie jar. mama

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Cookie lovers, rejoice — the Hydrox cookie is making a comeback. And it won't just be a limited-time thing, like the brief reprise it had in 2008. The precursor to the Oreo will find a permanent home on store shelves later this month.

I remember Hydrox ... so good. Owned by Keebler Cookies when they bought Sunshine in 1996....Kellogg's bought Keebler in 2001... Tried to bring back Hydrox in 2007 but it didn't work

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Original Cookie: The Carvel ice-cream franchise still sells ice-cream goods manufactured with "Hydrox" cookie crumbs. Carvel used the cookies' all-kosher status as a selling point as the original Oreo recipe used lard. The cookies are not specifically mentioned by name on the Carvel website, but they are identified as hydrox (lower-case 'h') on the in-store posters

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CRUMBS HYDROX COOKIE 1 LB - $4.25 Use these cookie crumbs for ice creams and yogurts...and as pie crust meal. For more baking ingredients visit http://www.niblackfoods.com/Baking

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