My secret: I've always had an uncontrollable urge to just run away and leave everything behind... I'm just to afraid to actually do it.

like many of you i've been so caught up in this white house fiasco the past few days reading debating donating signing petitions calling my reps (from berlin no less) that i'm barely getting things done in my personal life. not sure if you can relate but sometimes you need to discern when it is more prudent to focus on the here and now. so i'm taking a 24-hour break so i can stay fresh for the long fight ahead #minimalmusings #notmypresident

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Fun facts about your sign here: FOR A CANCER, IT'S SIMPLE: I'm guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve...but when I"m done; I'm done!" <Yes and yes!!! So frameworthy!>

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To me it's really easy to hate people that have hurt me, but I want to stop and love everybody around me. If I have wronged you, I'm truly sorry, I'm done with hate

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Me Suddenly Some Allow All In Together Oil Rush Ink Divine Order Reverse Restore With God Speed Cassiel Now Done Thanks Ever On

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