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I'm Sorry

I just don't understand why we argue with each other so much, Highway trying to prove each other wrong, I'm sorry I'M SORRY I just feel unwanted sometimes And it hurts And all that painful stuff reoccurs in my head, I wish those thoughts obey and we could just start all over again, And put the past behind us, And start out slow again just as friends, You truly are very important to me, I just wish you never would have brought back all that bad Situations we went through,


I'm sorry. I can never say that enough... I am going to leave you to live your life now so you don't have to think about me anymore if you ever did before. And the age difference is still the same when we are older... I am truly sorry and am leaving for real this Time. Every time I stay and help I end up hurting people I love... I don't mean to but I do.. and i can't stand to do that anymore


I'm sorry I can't keep a friendship, sorry I'm a worthless, embarrassing, annoying, dumb, slow, idiotic loser that nobody wants to be around, so sorry for being myself, I don't care if you don't like me but don't you dare go hurting me, don't you dare go talking behind my back, just stop hanging around me if I'm that horrible, let me go if I'm so worthless to you, just stop with me


I hate all this!! I hate being sad all the time & you having to see it! :-( I feel like I am just no fun to be around anymore. I don't want to ruin your happiness..can't say I blame U for not wanting to be around me. I am sorry!!***




Baby, I'm not a perfect person. I'm not a perfect boyfriend. I make mistakes and I slip sometimes. There are times where I become cocky and careless with what I say. I'm terribly sorry and I regret having done what I did or having said what I said. I didn't mean to hurt you with the things I said and I humbly apologize that it did.


“I’m a big mess, and that’s the last thing you need right now, but this mess loves you endlessly.”