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I’m sorry I’m such a failure mom ,dad and all my friends.......I'm such a failure to my family and they know I am...I'm sick of living I hope I die soon.

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Yeah that's true. I'm sorry for everything. I knew I lost you a long time ago sorry for everything I've done I'm not going on the first now I don't want you to be upset that I came and I won't be anywhere you are

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36 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know

14. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for every invite I’ve declined, every time I’ve seemed irrational or nasty because I was overwhelmed or scared. I’m sorry for every time I’ve said I’d do something but then backed out. I’m sorry my anxiety hurts you, too.” — Melissa Kapuszcak

depressed depression sad suicidal pain hurt alone broken cry i'm sorry society is messed up i want to DIE i'm not here depressive I'm Not Okay I WANT TO CRY depressing quotes I'm Lost i want to disappear depressing thoughts I'm falling apart i want to be fixed

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Robyn i will let u be. And i will not mash my replacement out. U left like i never mattered. Goodbye missing your kid's hurts but what can i do.