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An image on imgfave

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Just please make it stop, i cant carry on like this...i cant deal with how i am let alone everyone around me.

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blood depressed depression sad anxiety alone Scared self harm self hate cut cutter cutting cuts strong anorexic thighs scars Weak wrist razor scarred blade self mutiltion

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Sometimes, i feel alone. And sometimes even my friends make me feel alone. I am happy most of the time, but some days just no. I hate being made fun of, and feeling worthless. since 7th grade i never felt this depressed. My best guy friend is the only one who can help me, hes been through everything and always cares about me. he has such a big heart. and i love him. by MistyLane

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I shall forever be alone I love her but nit the same back. I am to kind to family only to be backed stab. I have a heart that is dying of loneliness. I am just a lost cause. More

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depressed depression sad lonely pain hurt alone broken thoughts cut cutting self-harm upset sadness depressing memories worthless relatable torn failure nobody cares unwanted unloved damaged

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Kari Jobe - I Am Not Alone

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I need you everyday God. I am here to carryout your will, I am not worthy but will do as you command. Your love fills my heart. Joe Brooks

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Next time a stranger talks to me when I am alone, I will just look at him shocked and just whisper quietly "You can see me?"

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