It’s only fair since I am a mom and being a mom is my first priority, the one thing that consumes my life entirely weighs all on my mind. I have been thinking, searching, and still don’…

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I stay up just late enough untill i am just exhausted enought that i can fall into my bed and sink into immediate slumber. ...

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Quote people living with anxiety can relate to. Check out 14 more anxiety related quotes by clicking the image! I am exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel. -Unknown. Mental health awareness. Anxiety quote. mental health quote

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So tired right now. Don't know why. Only about 1/4 through the work shift. I'll be okay. One of the machines i have is making a huge mess and i have to constantly clean it up just to stay on par with it. Otherwise i'm doing alright. A nice long nap would feel good

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{Today I am tired of fighting. I am tired of having to swallow pain. I am tired of knowing that my husband ran off with someone who brags she's better than me. I'm tired of being a laughing stock. I'm tired of all the truths he's twisted into lies. I'm tired of being the loser wife that was discarded for the fresh replacement. I am just so damned tired of it all. Because really, I was already exhausted to begin with from having to live with so much BS from him for so long already.}

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Quote on depression - I don't want any more of this try, try again stuff. I just want out. I've had it. I am so tired. I am twenty and I am already exhausted.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am sick of fake friends because I am done, they are obviously so jealous because they can see that they are sluts and clearly I am not. Backstabbing two faced worthless hoes! Ugh

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If you think I will fight with you then you are wrong…. I am done… done wishing… done asking… done expecting anything from you… NOW… I have made myself so strong and I will not depend on you for my happiness…. I am today’s woman… a strong woman and I know what I deserve… from …

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