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It's because I am ugly, I'm not pretty, beautiful, hot, or anything like that, I'm not even close to being any of those

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inside and outside .. inside the demons are hiding from others but tormenting me and outside the world torments me..

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I'm not anything. I'm a ghost of a broken girl. I am faded. I am invisible. I am ugly. I am useless. I am fucked up. I am a mess. I am an idiot.

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You tell me how ugly, fat and lazy I am then you expect me to believe that I'm pretty. Why don't you just finish the sentence, "you're pretty .............. fuckin ugly".

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this society is so messed up these days, people only care about you if your pretty and thin as a stick or if you die. like society has to see that this is messing up people, its leading them to mental heath and eating disorders because we are being told we're fat or we're ugly and then we live a life till we die or commit suicide. they don't take things seriously 'till death. society has to stop but the worst part is that i am part to society.

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I know its sad, but this sums me up almost perfectly. I have a hard time believing I am good enough for anyone. My insecurities run to my core. :(

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