Finished this project today! Found the frame at goodwill, painted it with acrylic paint, and fit the corks in like a puzzle. I used champagne corks at the bottle to be necklace "hooks". If I did it again I'd find a way to make the frame look a bit more rustic..

I Did It Again - Motivational Workout Quote Thanks @Jamie Schaffer for that feeling of I did it again :)

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Why can't I?? I tried putting my opinion out there tonight... And my mom just pushed it aside, or told me I'm wrong, or made me feel like I shouldn't have.... I guess I really shouldn't have.. Then afterwards I did it again as I walked to my room.. and she acted like it never even happened. Like she didn't know why I was crying, or what I was talking about when I said "This is why I'm scared to talk"... Why do I even try?? It took a shit load of courage to make me even make a move. I mean…

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Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again costume. Red catsuit made by Cathy of Prima Fashions:

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Yes I did it, no, I'm not sorry, and yes I will do it again. Picture Quote #2

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Homemade Mozzarella Cheese is easy to make!  Try it!  I DID!  I will never buy it again!
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